Amazing Local International Schooling

I was thinking alot before writing about this Issue what’s exactly happening in schools of India. These sch are called as International schools but infact their teaching and management is worst than Local schools of our Country…

They are charging more than lakhs of rupees per year but when you will compare their safety and security its really so disgusting coz of the school bus drivers, conductors, guards, care takers and sometimes the teachers itself they are torturing, seducing, hitting, raping and killing to the kids like Animal. we just condemn these kind shits happening behind the doors of these schools…

If we are giving them lakhs of rupees for the excellent education including maintenance and safety of our kids why they don’t intervene and focus alot on kids safety, once we handovering our kids to them its their own risk to take whole responsibility of them..

Our system really works so worse than our expectations even government changes but situation still remains constant like bullshit….

Its completely mental torture not just for kids but also for parents they are going into depression because of this, why some antisocial elements don’t want peace in society, Lets just pray πŸ™ that in upcoming years, the next super power of world will change our system as amazing than our Imaginations…


Author: Thoughtsbranding

There is nothing special to describe about me but as per societies point of view people will respect and follows you only when you are very professional personality... Apart from the joke I'm Computer Science Graduate, Post Graduate in Cyber laws, Masters in Business administration specialize in Finance, Bachelor in Journalism, Foreign Currency and stock Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialized, co founder member of one of leading web development Company...

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